Slovenian mowers at the European Mowing Championships

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The members of the Slovenian Mowers and Harvesters Society made a successful breakthrough at this year’s European Championship, which took place on August 15 in Scharding, Austria.

The organizer of the competition was the rural youth of the province of Upper Austria, and the competition took place on a five-acre meadow, on of the farms. It was attended by competitors from 10 countries. The full cast (ten men and five women) featured national teams from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy (South Tyrol), Spain (Basque Country) and Slovenia. Englishmen, Slovaks, Czechs and Serbs were there with three contestants (two men and one woman). 

A tall clover 40 to 60 cm tall, not thick, was waiting for us, in precisely sloping plots. At first glance, this can be an easy task, but the experienced mower’s eye quickly noticed the trap lurking between it. Up to ten centimeters of shrubby grass, resulting in an unsolvable task – a clean and flawless sloping plot.

The competition was opened by young girls, up to the age of 14. Slovenia was represented by Klara Janža, Bratonci (3rd place with time of 1 min 39 sec) and Manca Oblak, Jama pri Kranju ( 6th place). Fourteen-year-old Swiss won. The Slovenian team of young boys was represented by Blaž Urbar, Škofljica, who finished 14th. In this category winner was a 14-year-old Swiss.

In the women’s category, Slovenia was represented by: Romana Krek, Jama pri Kranju  (best-ranked Slovenian in 15th place with a time of 1 min and 18 seconds) Mateja Čarman Topol at Medvode, Veršič Marija Brezovica (by age 75 one of the oldest competitor on her sixth EP ), Čarman Sabina Jama pri Kranj and Urška Peternelj Sv. Tomaž nad Škofjo Loko.

The European champion became Austria’s Karin Kronberger, with a time of 39.75 sec and 10 penalty points, who is also an excellent athlete. Austrian also won the second place and the Swiss was in third place. The Austrian team came in first as all five competitors were among the top nine. Second were Swiss and third Basque. Slovenian women were fourth by 10 seconds behind.

In the end, royal discipline followed, showing the eternal rivalry between the Austrians, the Swiss and the South Tyrols. The European champion became Christian Irsara of South Tyrol with a time of 1 min 56 sec, the second best was Austrian and the third was Swiss. Slovenia was represented by: Janez Vivod Kozjak Mislinja (27th place, 2 min 46 sec, third highest ranked competitor), Jože Oblak Zalog pri Golniku (29th place, 2 min 51 sec), Čarman Miha, Jaka Krek both Jama pri Kranju, Čarman Gasper, Topol pri Medvodah, Pestotnik Žiga Limbarska gora, Matej Pibernik Moravce, Janza Maj Bratonci and Matej Kuhar.

Austrians came in first, the second best were the South Tyrols and the third Swiss. Slovenia finished 6th.

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